Aerospace Campus is a university campus and museum project devoted to aerospace and aeronautical sciences, constructed on the historical site of the Mautaudran aerodrome in Toulouse. This projects aims to bring together researchers, students, as well as various organizations working in these complementary fields, in continuity with the neighbouring science complex in Rangueil.
The architectural design accentuates the aerodrome’s runway, from which aviation pioneers such as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry embarked on their preliminary flights for the French airmail service. The linearity and speed evoked by this airstrip, the central feature of the project, are accentuated by the undulating bands that define the public spaces through successive dilations and compressions. A series of blocks, both in parallel and perpendicular to the airstrip, are integrated harmoniously along these landscaped walkways. These structures accommodate the campus’s research facilities and various engineering schools.

In collaboration with Estudio Lamela

Aerospace Campus

Toulouse, France, 2007