The concept of this extension to a farmhouse constructed in 1892 was informed by a series of openings towards the mountains. Each room offers a striking view of the panorama, a window onto the majestic scenery that changes to the rhythm of the seasons. Following a long and narrow horizontal line, the new addition was constructed below the roof soffits of the ancestral home to be in keeping with the contours of the principal volume. The extension is clad in vertical slats of white wood, in contrast with the horizontal cladding of the original residence.
To unite the new interior spaces, the rooms were finished with a texture that captures the spirit of the surroundings. This vernacular inspiration was also applied to the structural concept, integrating a hemlock roof framework and timber decking as bracing. Tectonically, the extension echoes the past, evoking the barns that adorn Quebec’s rural landscapes.

le Phénix

Eastern Townships,

photo credits: Olivier Samson Arcand, OSA Images

Jury's Favourite Project Prize in the Grands Prix du Design 2013