The purpose of this mezzanine addition was to create a spatial division between the owners’ personal and professional lives. At the heart of a white high-ceilinged volume, a long ribbon of raw-steel-clad half-turn stairs winds its way to the studio above in a geometric interplay of heavy and light. At its highest point, the steel ribbon transforms into a built-in desk designed to accommodate working drawings.

The mezzanine is divided into two volumes of different heights. This interplay of ceilings differentiates the work space from the meeting area and also serves to bring natural light into the studio from the break of dawn. Framing these volumes on the exterior are two large black intersecting and overhanging right-angled roofs, which control the flow of natural light throughout the day and frame views of the neighbouring park.

Let's get up! time for work

Montreal, 2013-14

photo credits: Charles Lanteigne