The major renovation and expansion of this Plateau Mont-Royal residence was based on the notion of play over a succession of floors and split-levels. The heart of the project centres around a bright vertical volume that accommodates a floating staircase with multiple landings. Providing access to the various levels and living spaces, the stairs are fitted with height-adjustable handrails to accommodate the needs of small children, and a unique slide transforms access between the playroom and kitchen into a game of snakes and ladders.

The exterior of the new extension is set off by a perforated steel veil that envelops the rear bedroom and extends upwards to serve as railings for the green roof and outside staircase leading to the roof terrace. This veil is a playful reference to the original construction period of the residence, the Belle Époque, when feminine dress codes were distinguished by flamboyant hats and veils.

Snakes and Ladders

Montreal, 2014-15

photo credits: Charles Lanteigne